Suspended testosterone

In this form, testosterone is suspended in water, so when injected, it immediately enters the circulation and is rapidly metabolized. This form is active during the day. This form of testosterone must be administered every day to maintain stable levels, and athletes use doses of 25 to 100 mg per day. The advantage of this drug is that it can be tracked in just a few days.

Testosterone Decanoate

With this esterification, testosterone is released very slowly, is active for about 20 days, and is monitored in the urine for more than 3 months.

Testosterone cyclohexylpropoionate

This esterification releases testosterone after 10-12 days and is tracked for 3 months.

Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone is released from this ester faster, because it is active for only 2-3 days and is traceable for 3 weeks. Athletes use 50-100 mg every 2 days.

Testosterone phenylpropionate

Testosterone in this form is active for 5 days.

Heptylated testosterone

Active form for 20 days.

Testosterone enanthate

The enanthate form is active for 15 days and can be detected in doping tests for 3 months. This form is most commonly used by athletes who can take 100 to 2000 mg per week.

Testosterone cypionate

Active for 15-16 days and traceable for 3 months.

Testosterone undecanoate injection

Active for 30 days and traceable up to 4 months.

Transdermal testosterone

Transdermal testosterone has been introduced to the market in the last decade as hormone replacement therapy for the treatment of hypogonadism and infertility. Several products based on this steroid are also sold in Italy: Testogel, Androgel, etc. In recent years, the use of testosterone therapy has increased in men with late hypogonadism, also called andropause. Testosterone therapy in older adults can significantly improve their well-being, increase bone and muscle mass, and increase masculinity and libido. Testosterone gels were born with the goal of finding new drugs that are better tolerated by patients. In fact, gels have lower liver toxicity compared to oral testosterone (methyltestosterone), and a single daily intake is sufficient as they have a longer active life cycle.

Compared with injectable drugs, in which all the substance enters the bloodstream directly, transdermal testosterone remains in the skin and subcutaneous tissues and enters the blood circulation limitedly. For this reason, it is recommended to apply them directly to the scrotum as replacement therapy.

The skin tissues covered by the gel are activated by testosterone, which, while also lipolytic, promotes fat loss. For this reason, Testogel is used to promote localized weight loss. Several studies (Martin, Allan) actually highlight how transdermal testosterone can reduce body fat during use, especially in the abdomen.

The side effects found when using these products are typical of testosterone, even if they seem less noticeable compared to injections, as they enter the circulation to a limited extent, it is also possible that reactions may occur in the area of ​​application.


Comparison of daily testosterone transdermal lubrication activity and weekly testosterone injections measured at sixteenth week of treatment. Dotted lines show major levels in the absence of treatment.

Oral testosterone undecanoate (Andriol)

Andriol is an ester of testosterone, active in oral form, also sold in Italy, used in male patients as testosterone replacement therapy in all cases of primary hypogonadism, with eunuchoidism, with impotence of endocrine origin, with menopausal syndrome in men with decreased libido and with some types of infertility. This substance is also used in the treatment of forms of osteoporosis due to androgen deficiency. It is sometimes also combined with Viagra as an adjuvant in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

It is currently the only form of orally active testosterone in addition to methyltestosterone. Once absorbed by the lymphatic system, it is not subject to primary metabolism. In addition, since it is not a 17α-alkylated steroid, it is not particularly toxic to the liver and has a low tendency to aromatize, since it is easily converted by the body into DHT, this entails minor estrogenic effects such as inhibition of HPTA (however, it is found since after treatment with andriol it decreases LH production), water retention and gynecomastia, but in fact more significant due to the action of DHT such as prostatic hypertrophy and alopecia.

As an undecanoate ester, a particularly large molecule, 40 mg of andriol corresponds to approximately 25 mg of testosterone.

Although considered a poorly anabolic steroid in some studies (Witterd, Gregory, Marin), oral testosteroneundecanoate has shown that already at a dose of 40/80 mg per day it is able to increase muscle mass and reduce fat mass in different groups of people, young people and the elderly people.

Andriol https://steroidsbuyonline.com/store/oral-steroids/andriol/ is used by athletes as it is only traceable to tests for ten days, for this reason, even if it is anti-doped, it can easily bypass the tests by stopping it a couple of weeks before the test itself. The assays used are from 120 to 600 mg per day, divided into 3 daily doses, since this substance is active for 6-8 hours. Obviously, the A / A ratio for testosterone is 100: 100.