GH, from discovery to dope use

Its discovery dates back to the 1920s, when its secretion by the adenohypophysis in animals was discovered. GH was isolated from humans only in 1956, and in the 70s its structure, somatotropin : it is a peptide hormone consisting of 191 amino acids, stabilized by two disulfide bridges, and reaching a molecular weight of 22 […]

History of anabolic steroids in sports

The history of steroids in sports began shortly before the 1954 World Weightlifting Championships, where the Soviets dominated most weight classes. According to legend, when asked by a doctor from the Soviet team what the secret of his team was, he replied that his athletes were receiving testosterone injections, which at that time were not […]


Methenolone is a steroid used to treat osteoporosis, anemia and catabolic conditions, known as Primobolan. This substance is a DHT derivative capable of firmly binding the androgen receptor, does not convert to estrogen, therefore it does not give gynecomastia, water retention and suppresses the HPTA axis to a limited extent. This steroid has an A: […]


Anabolic steroid

Anabolic agents are chemicals that promote anabolism, that is, the formation of complex molecules, in particular proteins, but not only starting with simpler molecules. These substances are used in therapy to stimulate the growth of certain tissues as needed. They act in a similar way to certain hormones that are responsible for regulating certain growth […]

Nandrolone Decanoate

This is the only form of nandrolone sold in Italy, and the drug that contains it is called Deca Durabolin, a very common steroid among athletes as it is easy to find. It has an active life of about 15 days and is traceable in tests up to 18 months from the last injection, so […]


Mesterolone, marketed as Proviron abnehmen, is an orally active synthetic steroid, a 1-methyl derivative of dihydrotestosterone, which has all the pharmacological characteristics and the ability to resist first-pass metabolism and therefore be orally active. This steroid is used in therapy in the treatment of male infertility, hypogonadism, violations of viril potency, oligospermia, decreased physical and […]