Paracetamol, contained in tachypirin , is an antipyretic analgesic, but with a low anti-inflammatory capacity, it does not cause side effects such as nephrotoxicity and gastrosis, except in very high doses, in fact it is also prescribed to children to reduce febrile states. Paracetamol is indicated as an antipyretic agent in the symptomatic treatment of […]

Gestational diabetes: risks to mother and fetus

Gestational diabetes mellitus (see also gestational diabetes by the same author ed. ), if not properly treated, carries a risk to the mother than to the fetus; increases the risk of spontaneous abortion, even late (after the third trimester), and congenital malformations. Risks for the mother Complications that occur during pregnancy are of concern poliamnios […]

Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin)

Acetylsalicylic acid is the main NSAID in the salicylate class. The name aspirin was born as a trademark invented by Bayer , which first produced the drug, but over time it became the generic name for the substance. Aspirin is the only irreversible inhibitor of cyclooxygenase, this property makes this substance, when taken in a […]